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  Aldo Formal Wear has been creating luxurious designs for over 30 years. We cater to men and women who shop with confidence and purpose. We make sure every client is helped equally, no matter their gender, age, or ethnicity.


To provide value to our customers by delivering high-quality products and services while inspiring individuals to feel confident and provide a vehicle for expression.


To strive to be a leader in fashion by empowering creativity and design to provide total customer satisfaction.

Our stylist

Meet our crew:

Ken Lozano

Ken is the eldest of three and was born into the family business in which his father, Reynaldo Lozano, opened in 1983. In 2007 Ken moved to Toronto and was hired by one of the finest designer stores where he expanded his knowledge in men's wear. After a few years away, Ken decided to move back to Winnipeg and began working alongside his father where he earned the respect of being a fashion mogul. Ken believes that he was put on this earth to share his knowledge and guide his clients on how to dress for any occasion. When interacting with Ken you'll notice his experience and love he has for the industry. After taking over the family business, Ken has worked to put his spin and taste into the company as well as starting his own ready to wear street lined called Sartorial Funk.

More about Ken:

Ken is a big fan of music, dance, and loves to ride his bike. Ken lives an active life by playing sports such as basketball, soccer, and swimming. Oh yeah, btw he use to break dance too.

Simrann Basi

Simrann joins our team all the way from India. She comes with a diverse and creative background in performing arts that dates back to when she was 13 years old. While living in India Simrann pursued a career in acting, modelling and dancing. She gained valuable experience working as an assistant designer for a fashion brand in India and New York. Simrann has abundance of knowledge and a deep-rooted passion for styling and designing formal wear. She understands trends and identifies an individuals personality while curating the perfect look.

Fun fact about Simrann:

She starred as a lead actress in a Punjabi Movie "Ishq my Religion" in 2019 that was played in theatres worldwide. 

Jasmine Gonzales

Jasmine was a valedictorian graduate at Mc College for fashion design. Her passion for designing started at a very young age, as she looked up to her grandmother who first introduced her to a sewing machine, that's when her journey began into designing and styling. Jasmine has a knowledgeable understanding in trends and her genuine love towards fashion brought her to the industry. During her time at Mc College she created her own collection called efflorescence, which was highly praised by her instructors and colleagues. 

she has a good eye for styling and aims to create the perfect look for your bug day.

Fun fact about Jasmine:

She is a music lover and is referred to as the DJ in the shop, and is very active in the gym. she is also a big foodie.

Our Master Tailor


Reynaldo Lozano

In January 1978, Reynaldo (Aldo) arrived in Winnipeg from the Philippines and with his wife, Teresita, in search of more opportunities. A Master Cutter and Tailor, Reynaldo began working at different tailoring shops to familiarize and established himself in the Canadian market. After four years, Reynaldo was fortunate to attain a small tailor shop to a big-hearted retiree who soon became his close friend and mentor. While working, Reynaldo saw a growing demand for tailors in the wedding industry and decided to move his store downtown in 1984. He soon put together a small inventory of formal suit rentals and made to measure apparel. With the community's support Aldo Formal Wear has continued to grow as a family-run business that works to make every garment and experience special.